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9. Don't let Politics spoil your Summer

There’s enough going on in the world to dampen the mood of the staunchest optimists. But let us remember that it’s summertime, the best season to take a vacation from the stress of socio-political matters over which we have little or no control. Here are a few reasons to take a deep breath and focus on the simple pleasures of life for a while. Same S***, Different Election As the old adage goes, "there's nothing new under the sun," and that's especially applicable to the political world. Andrew Jackson was born nine years before the birth of the United States, and he once...

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8. Brexit and Freedom of Association

The financial markets responded to the recent BREXIT vote with plummeting numbers. BREXIT, of course, refers to Britain’s decision to withdraw from the European Union (EU). With this vote, the majority of Britons expressed a desire to restore their country’s sovereignty, thereby putting an end to this turbulent marriage – a relationship in which distant political elites subjected Great Britain to arbitrary dictates, an untenable immigration policy, and a failing economic regime. Famed French philosopher Albert Camus said, “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act...

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7. P.J. O'Rourke - American Wry Guy

Patrick Jake "P. J." O'Rourke is an American political satirist, journalist, and author of 20 books. Since the mid-1980’s, O'Rourke has applied his brand of humor to American politics and world affairs. Written from a libertarian perspective, his books, such as “Don't Vote! It just Encourages the Bastards!,” are packed with amusing witticisms about economics, socio-political issues, and the state. For example: "If government were a product, selling it would be illegal. Government is a health hazard. Governments have killed many more people than cigarettes or unbuckled seat belts ever have." "Are we disheartened by the breakup of the family? Nobody who ever met my...

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6. H.L. Mencken on Americana, agnosticism, and propaganda

A masterful wordsmith and literary critic, Henry Louis (H.L.) Mencken (1880-1956) was widely regarded in his time as one of America's most talented writers. In 2002, the Atlantic's Jonathan Yardley called Mencken "the greatest of all American journalists," adding:  "No matter where his writing appeared, it was quoted widely, his pungently outspoken ideas debated hotly. Nobody else could make so many people so angry, or make so many others laugh so hard." In 1948, Donald Howe Kirkley Sr., a reporter and editor with the Baltimore Sun, interviewed a cigar-chomping Mencken at the behest of the Library of Congress: www.lewrockwell.com/lrc-blog/1948-h-l-mencken-interview/  The only known recording of H.L. Mencken's voice, this...

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5. Please donate to Antiwar.com today. Here's why.

The hard-working truthtellers at Antiwar.com are in the midst of their quarterly fundraising drive, and you can pitch in by clicking here or snapping up one of our "Remember Peace?" Tees (Men's and Women's). The Wry Guys donate $5 from the sale of each of these Tees to Antiwar.com.  Why do we hold the folks at Antiwar.com in such high esteem? Let me tell you.  Founded in 1996, Antiwar.com set out to counter the burgeoning influence of the military-industrial-congressional complex (MICC) in Washington, DC. As Randolph Bourne pointed out long ago, "war is the health of the state," and this small band of determined libertarians recognized...

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