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43. Our Not-So Benevolent Masters

Once upon a time, there was a wise and benevolent Council of Masters. It was their job to help the Feeble-Minded Masses get through their days. The Council passed many laws and empowered people with shiny badges to enforce those laws.

The purpose? To ensure the Feeble-Minded Masses didn't make the Wrong Choices. See, left to their own devices, the masses would do Stupid Things — you know, like eating paint chips and McDonald's daily, wearing our underwear outside our clothes, or attempting to change the weather without telling the Secretary of Commerce.


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Electile Dysfunction 2016 — Wry Guys Animation

Is this election getting you down? Tired of the constant noise, partisan hypocrisy, and power-hungry egos? Want a happier, healthier world free of political nonsense and vitriol? Worry not — hope is here! (Men's Tee and Women's Tee)


The Wry Guys create irreverent, thought-provoking T-shirts and other merchandise. Inspired by such classic humorists as Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, and Oscar Wilde, the Wry Guys invoke the wit and wisdom of the past to satirize modern mythologies. The Wry Guys uphold a pro-freedom, anti-authoritarian perspective, and we aspire to produce funny, provocative products that encourage healthy skepticism and good-humored discussion of important contemporary issues.

Our heathered, dual-blend Tees (for men and women) are quality shirts that look good and feel good. Each Wry Guys Tee features the Wry Guys' logo on the front-left chest with one of our original designs printed on the back. Our bumper stickers enhance safety on the road by combating boredom in rush-hour traffic, and we channel our Inner Curmudgeon on the Whiskey & Wry blog.

We're not big on labels, but some say we're a libertarian website or a freedom movement website that inspires free thinking by making libertarian t shirts, libertarian bumper stickers, freedom movement t shirts, and freedom movement bumper stickers.

Thanks for visiting the Wry Guys. If you like what you see, snap up a shirt, share a laugh, and make the world wry.