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Once upon a time, thirteen ne’er-do-wells started a monthly potluck-discussion group in Prescott, Arizona. Libertarian WebsiteThis cast of curious characters explored such topics as logical fallacies, propaganda techniques, the history of conventional schooling, and the influence of mass media and social media on modern society. The participants quickly realized they had more in common than they expected — aside from their self-evident good taste in food and drink — and these fun events motivated the founders of the Wry Guys to launch a merchandise line featuring amusing, thought-provoking, liberty-minded T-shirts.

We took the time to thoroughly vet Tee blanks and printers, and we carefully considered each design. We’re quite happy with the result, and we think you will be too.

As for the gist of our products, the Wry Guys proudly promote healthy skepticism of propaganda, illegitimate authority, and the abuse of power. Furthermore, we support peace, civil liberties, and voluntary solutions to societal ills.

The Wry Guys also draw inspiration from such classic humorists as Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, Dorothy Parker, Mae West, and Oscar Wilde. The Wry Guys’ brand evokes the wit and wisdom of the past to satirize modern mythologies, and our products lightheartedly encourage reflection and discussion of important contemporary issues. You’ll find no crass or angry messaging on Wry Guys gear, just “awry wit for today’s sh*t.”

So thanks for checking out the Wry Guys! Snap up a shirt, share a laugh, and make the world wry.

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