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Welcome, friend, to the Wry Guys' blog - Whiskey & Wry. We salute your discerning taste in reading material, and we toast your impeccable judgment. We promote free thought through Libertarian t shirts and bumper stickers.

As fate would have it, we're launching this fledgling venture in 2016, a presidential-election year in the US. So our initial product collection is a bit heavy with political themes, a most distasteful subject.

As anyone familiar with American culture knows, such elections are deeply cherished rituals in which we Yanks take leave of our senses and make fools of ourselves. When we awaken with the inevitable electoral hangover in 2017  and we notice that our rights and wallets have once again gone missing  the process will have anointed the next American Caesar. 

Picking a Candidate - Wry Guys Tee
Libertarian T Shirts

If you're a US citizen, there's no escaping the 24/7 media coverage of this ignoble tradition. People gripe about Christmas advertising that begins a full two months prior to that annual holiday, but Christmas is a piker next to an American presidential election, which spans nearly two full years. You can run, but you can't hide from this nonsense. It's enough to drive a Dry Guy to drink.

In honor of this quadrennial spectacle, we present our 'Electile Dysfunction' Tee. It's the perfect shirt should you choose to turn off the tube and do something constructive with your time in 2016.

Tee Description: Will Rogers, an original Wry Guy, once quipped, "The best thing about this group of candidates is that only one of them can win." In this election year, that may be one too many.

Do you sometimes question the motives of politicians? Do you suspect some candidates are beholden to unnamed, powerful interests, rather than their constituents? Cast your protest vote with Mark Twain in this timely, thought-provoking Tee.

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