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"THIS — is the 2020 shirt I've been looking for." — Smythe — 5 Stars

"And, OK... I have been a long time collector of the Wry Guys haberdashery (can they still be a haberdashery if my wife loves their stuff, too? Crap! I'm going to get called a misogynist again, dammit).
Not only are the designs always incisive and insightful (and funnier than hell), but the thoughtfully-chosen fabric and cut of my W.G.-customized tarps cinch the deal: they get my vote for favorite-uniform-of-the-apocalypse.
Are they still actually counting my vote?"

"What a Way to Celebrate Watergate" — S.D. — 5 Stars

"Besides being truly 'wry' in intent and message, this t-shirt is quite a hit with the older kids. Ya know, the ones who actually watched Watergate in prime time. My father, who wears his weekly, gets quite the laugh or smirk out of people. Me? In addition to the clever messages on all the of the Tees, they are like the softest tee shirts ever. No fade and stain-free? NO idea how that occurs, but I will take it."

"A Taste of Twain" — Erik V. — 5 Stars

"Give those in the majority a short pause to read your shirt and reflect on its profound meaning. If something is widely accepted, one must question the underlying factors influencing its acceptance to determine if those factors are based on sound research and judgement or external and/or corrupting influences. The quote and portrait turned out are clear and bold against the Dark Grey cotton. The shirt is soft and has very good fiber retention through several washings. Thank you WryGuys for another excellent way to express my opinion!"

"Love it!" — Adam McMillen — 5 Stars

"Wearing it today. Fits my body and mind perfectly."

"Nice shirt and quote" — Kent McManigal — 5 Stars

"I actually got the shirt for someone else, since I never wear T-shirts, but I love how light-weight it is. And soft! A very nice summer shirt for sure. And, of course, just about any quote from Oscar is classic!"

"Soft and light!" — Brad R — 5 Stars

"This is an excellent T-shirt. It may be the softest shirt in my large collection of T-shirts, and is nice and light for the summer months. Plus, of course, the Mencken quote is superb!"

"This weapon will make me win the t-shirt war!" — Wendy McElroy — 5 Stars

"A friend and I are engaged in an informal but deadly serious t-shirt war of one-upmanship. Make that one-womanship. Next time I see her, I know she'll check out my T and smile in a superior manner. Then I'll turn around and let her see the dynamite design and message on the back. Sweet. Thanks Wry Guys for making me a winner. And, wow, the material is so soft."

"Great Shirt!" — CJ — 5 Stars

"Great looking shirt. Love the stark simplicity of it. Made out of a very soft, comfortable, light fabric."

"Great quality" — Rodger — 5 Stars

"I received my shirt and the quality is outstanding. This is not some cheaply made T. The color is exactly what was promised as well. Great all-around. Thanks, guys!"

"Great shirt!" — Claire S. — 5 Stars

"My husband ordered me the Oscar Wilde shirt, V-neck, in a really pretty turquoise. The shirt is soft and comfy and the cut is really nice and flattering. Super happy with it. Will probably order more fun shirts from Wry Guys down the road."

"F*ck, dude, it's Mark Twain." — Steve Smith — 5 Stars

"First of all, this is the most comfortable t-shirt I own. It goes straight out of the laundry and right onto my back again, followed in rapid succession by my other 'Wry Guys' shirts. I also have great, productive conversations with people about it... lots of those who get worked up over almost anything. The Twain quote is thought-provoking yet respectful and innocuous. The best part is, I have a built-in checkmark in my personal "WIN" column; I can just conclude the conversation by saying, 'F*ck, dude. It's Mark F*cking Twain.' BAM."

"Seriously Best Tee Shirt Ever" — Stevie — 5 Stars

"This tee shirt tops the countless tees I've worn in my lifetime. That's a lot of shirts! It's soft, has a flattering shape, and is actually the size range advertised. Will be ordering more."

"Hilarious, thought-provoking, and lots of fun!" — Cindy — 5 Stars

"This tee is the softest material and best fitting of any I have owned. I purchased it in the Aubergine and it's beautiful. People were stopping me on the street so they could read the whole message and then they either laughed hysterically or said "right on". It's both a practical and very fun purchase!"

"Great Tee!" — AC— 5 Stars

"Great Fit, Great Fabric, Great Graphic!"

"Cracks me up!" — Dave — 4 Stars

"Good quality tee. Fits well. LOVE the quote. I get a lot of comments."

"Attention Getter" — Sean — 5 Stars

"This super comfy shirt could be made out of burlap and I'd still be wearing it. I can't tell you how many people just can't resist letting me know how hilarious they think it is. It has done exactly what I hoped which is to start a lot of great conversations."

"Most comfortable mildly inappropriate and politically incorrect shirt ever" — Peter Donahower — 5 Stars

"Not only is this t-shirt extremely comfortable, and a slightly loose, but correct fit, it also displays some truly brilliant witticisms about the state of our failed electoral system. In typical WryGuys fashion, it encourages the reader to consider an important, timely topic by utilizing a salient quote from a historical (and in this case, much loved) figure. The Mark Twain quote is brilliant. I wore this shirt to my daughter's high school graduation. It was a big hit. Folks often need a nudge to think for themselves. Wry Guys do an outstanding job of crafting their message in an accessible, gently humorous way. Can't wait to get another one."

"Not usually a tee gal, but I love this one!" — Sally M. — 5 Stars 

"Not only is this shirt amusing in its message, it is the most comfortable tee I've ever owned. It is true to size, figure flattering, and it washes beautifully!"

"Sleek, comfortable, and meaningful" — Sarah — 5 Stars

"I was a little worried about the fit until I got my shirt. I am incredibly happy with not only the sleek fit but also the comfortability of the material. Even after a few washes the shirt stays soft and the graphics are like new. I love my shirt! It's definitely worth the purchase."

"I don't wear t-shirts, but I wear this one!!" — Megan — 5 Stars

"Normal t-shirts are too snug around my mid-section to be able to wear them and have them look fashionable or flattering on my figure. I Love this tee! The fabric is soft and high-quality not like a regular stiff cotton t-shirt. It doesn't shrink and fits just loose enough around my mid-section to be flattering, but not too big. There is not annoying tag scratching at the back of my neck. Overall great job, happy customer!!"

"Love the subject matter of my shirt!" — Jeremy — 5 Stars

"This shirt is unique and very comfortable."

"We all know it's true ..." — Erik V. — 5 Stars

"When soon-to-be friends stop to read the message on your shirt the nods of agreement and polite political discourse that typically follow render this garment indispensable. The detailed and high quality print stands out nicely on Cardinal Red. The shirt has performed well through several washings showing good fiber retention. Overall, I am very happy with the shirt, and also with the instant order acknowledgement and short shipping time!"

"Love this t-shirt!" — Lisa Rouse — 5 Stars

"I love this t-shirt! It's super soft and comfy. It has become my favorite night shirt because I want an excuse to wear it everyday."

"Just one won't do!" — C.O. — 5 Stars

"I ordered two T-shirts and both are a great fit and color; exactly as was described and shown. Both have been through washings and wear with no apparent signs of fading or shrinkage. I have received affirmative comments on the "Power Corrupts" T and personally like the font on this one very much. I am happy with my Wry Guys Ts."

"Great shirt, great message, great quality" — Jordan D. — 5 Stars

"I'm a skeptic and cynic by nature, so with so many choices here, I had quite the time making my decision. However, ultimately, I chose the "Fear Mongering" shirt because I feel that it currently is one of the most poignant. The message, I feel , hasn't been more accurate in ages, so not only do I walk around in style, I walk around in substance. The quality is exceptional. I love the light, worn feel of the shirt. I prefer to exercise in shirts such as these, rather than standard dri-fit athletic wear. So, this is a welcomed addition to my collection."

"Best fabric and support" — Angela Keaton — 5 Stars

"I have had every kind of political slogan t-shirt against my skin. The Wry Guys have a soft textured but very supportive fabric that allows for a perfect fit."

"I love this shirt" — Alison — 5 Stars

"These shirts are wonderfully soft and comfortable, with a flattering fit. I've washed mine numerous times and it still looks great -- no shrinking or fading. Solid quality for the price."

"high quality" — Alton — 5 Stars

"I am a serial consumer of witty and contrarian t-shirts. I could read the designs easily enough and know exactly what I was getting with the Wry Guys shirts message. The big difference between this shirt and others is that I have spent more money on shirts that looked "distressed" after 3 cycles in the washer. My Wry Guys shirt is a fun conversation piece and I had no doubt that it would be. But the real bonus has been the durability and quality of the lettering, fit and material. It is really just a nice shirt and a lot of fun to wear."

"Utopia Rocks" — Stasia DeMarco — 5 Stars

"Beyond being fabulously 'wry,' I love the shape of this TEE around my hips, who knew that could be flattering? And it is super-soft. The lighter cotton fits great under my tighter fitting fleeces and hoodies. I even got one for my mom and dad!!!"

"Great Conversation Starter" — FreeOregon — 5 Stars

"Perked up the visit to Zupan's, the local nutritious food market. Great conversation starter. Since the T's are printed on the back you know if someone responds they really like the message, and you. Everything arrived as promised, well packed, quality material and printing."

"Fast Shipping, Great Quality" — Martin — 5 Stars

"I purchased this shirt two weeks ago and it came within a reasonable amount of time. The shirt was extremely comfortable and I love the material. Thanks Wry Guys."

"Making heads turn" — Jean Carbonneau — 5 Stars

"On a handful of occasions being out in the public, I've had people come to me and ask me to turn around so that they could read the back of the shirt, and immediately after they were finished reading, there would be a chuckle or a hand clap, and they would say that is a great show so guys keep it up you're doing a great job."

"Great Shirts!" — Doug Danger — 5 Stars

"Not only do I get a lot of laughs wearing my 'I Miss Nixon!' T-shirt, it's a great conversation starter that often leads to wider discussions about government corruption and insider collusion by the political class. I am always trying to do what I can to wake the sleeping masses - this shirt helps get the conversation started. On a side-note - the shirt is lightweight, cool and made of very comfortable fabric. I LOVE my shirt Wry Guys!"

"Great fit!" — A.D. — 5 Stars

"These t-shirts are super comfortable with a flattering fit. I've washed mine many times now, and it still looks and feels great."