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4. Who owns your candidate? - Freedom Movement Bumper Stickers

In our last post, we grouched that far too many political candidates are just well-trained poodles fabricated in marketing labs on Madison Avenue, and that there's no real accountability for the countless li ... er, "untruths" ... told on the campaign trail. The result, of course, is that the hapless voting public has a devil of a time figuring out which jackal might deserve a meaningless fling in the ballot booth. We don't recommend it — there are far better things to do with one's time like raising your kids or tweezering your nose hairs — but if you really want to learn something useful about an office seeker, tune out the constant stream...

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3. Nixon - We hardly knew ya - Freedom Movement T Shirts

Here's one thing about election season that always leaves us scratching our befuddled heads — why do people trust any presidential or congressional candidate? Moreover, why do otherwise reasonable people take their support to the next level by morphing into wild-eyed, sign-waving groupies? Agreeing with a candidate's professed beliefs is one thing, but beating pots-and-pans for a politician is something else entirely. Therefore our Freedom Movement t shirts convey the importance of accountability, free thought, and being involved at the local, state, and Federal level. First of all, unless we're personal acquaintances with the candidate, we know very little about them. For instance, we have no idea...

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2. Politicians - Damn Funny - Freedom Movement Website

In our first blog post, we might've given you the misleading impression that we have no use for electoral politics, so we'd like to set the record straight on our Freedom Movement website. While it's true we don't place our trust in any politician, and we sympathize with H.L. Mencken's contention that most elections are simply "advance auctions of stolen goods," elections can actually be an endless source of amusement. From the fevered ambitions of grasping politicians, to the sycophantic role of political-beat reporters, presidential elections provide months — no, years — of good, old-fashioned, all-American fun.  For starters, take this year's candidates for the presidency — please. (h/t Henny Youngman) George Bernard Shaw on...

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1. Electile Dysfunction 2016 - Libertarian T Shirts

Welcome, friend, to the Wry Guys' blog - Whiskey & Wry. We salute your discerning taste in reading material, and we toast your impeccable judgment. We promote free thought through Libertarian t shirts and bumper stickers. As fate would have it, we're launching this fledgling venture in 2016, a presidential-election year in the US. So our initial product collection is a bit heavy with political themes, a most distasteful subject. As anyone familiar with American culture knows, such elections are deeply cherished rituals in which we Yanks take leave of our senses and make fools of ourselves. When we awaken with the inevitable electoral hangover in 2017 — and we notice that our...

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