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34. Is the 'Lesser Evil' Un-American?

“Whatever else you do -- vote!” This common exhortation should raise suspicion. As the great American philosopher George Carlin observed, "'Bipartisan' usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out." It that's the case, whatever politicians urge you to do – don't. An evil donkey or an evil elephant? We'll take neither, thank you, as we have no interest in sanctioning the scam. Contrary to popular belief, your vote won't change a thing. Bureaucrats will still regulate business and sex, propagandize children, violate privacy, confiscate wealth, punish savers to bail out elites, bomb civilians, quash free speech, inflate the money...

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2. Politicians - Damn Funny - Freedom Movement Website

In our first blog post, we might've given you the misleading impression that we have no use for electoral politics, so we'd like to set the record straight on our Freedom Movement website. While it's true we don't place our trust in any politician, and we sympathize with H.L. Mencken's contention that most elections are simply "advance auctions of stolen goods," elections can actually be an endless source of amusement. From the fevered ambitions of grasping politicians, to the sycophantic role of political-beat reporters, presidential elections provide months — no, years — of good, old-fashioned, all-American fun.  For starters, take this year's candidates for the presidency — please. (h/t Henny Youngman) George Bernard Shaw on...

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