34. Is the 'Lesser Evil' Un-American?

“Whatever else you do -- vote!” This common exhortation should raise suspicion.

As the great American philosopher George Carlin observed, "'Bipartisan' usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out." It that's the case, whatever politicians urge you to do – don't. An evil donkey or an evil elephant? We'll take neither, thank you, as we have no interest in sanctioning the scam.

Contrary to popular belief, your vote won't change a thing. Bureaucrats will still regulate business and sex, propagandize children, violate privacy, confiscate wealth, punish savers to bail out elites, bomb civilians, quash free speech, inflate the money supply, and lie with wide eyes about everything. The problem is not the figurehead in power; it's the power itself.

There are always more choices than two evils. Every day is rich in opportunities to increase personal freedom through education, privatization, networking, protest, technology, and a myriad of strategies that do not involve installing a Great Leader over your life.

Cthulu for PresidentIf you must vote, however, at least do it the American way. Don't aim small and lesser; aim big and high. Vote for the greatest of all evils: Cthulhu for President. As Cthulhu's campaign site explains, “Cthulhu is a monstrous entity ... [which is preserved] as humanity's most basic nightmare.” Refreshingly, the Old One also shows more integrity than other candidates, scorning to lie to lower beings. For example, on abortion: “The Great Cthulhu cares little for mortal affairs ... However, as a presidential candidate, it must take a stand. Cthulhu is, therefore, pro-choice ... [I]t's in favor of keeping humans alive ... [to] taunt and toy with them before they go insane and it eats them.”

If you must vote, do not degrade the act by going “lesser.” As they say, go big or go home.


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