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In our first blog post, we might've given you the misleading impression that we have no use for electoral politics, so we'd like to set the record straight on our Freedom Movement website.

While it's true we don't place our trust in any politician, and we sympathize with H.L. Mencken's contention that most elections are simply "advance auctions of stolen goods," elections can actually be an endless source of amusement. From the fevered ambitions of grasping politicians, to the sycophantic role of political-beat reporters, presidential elections provide months — no, years  of good, old-fashioned, all-American fun. 

For starters, take this year's candidates for the presidency  please. (h/t Henny Youngman)

George Bernard Shaw on Politicians - Wry Guys Tee

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Without exception, the remaining aspirants believe they have both the ability and the right to command a nation of some 320 million people  people with unique hopes, values, and dreams. The hubristic idea that a handful of finite minds can centrally plan a complex economy was once thought deceased with the passing of the failed Soviet empire, but this destructive notion has now been resurrected by the American. Constitutional "checks-and-balances" are little more than a quaint artifact of the past, as evidenced, for example, by the advent of  "presidential kill lists" and the abolition of habeas corpus. So the president wields enormous, unchecked coercive power today that can run roughshod over the lives of countless others. 

We can't help but wonder  what happy, humane person with a healthy respect for the rights and values of others would seek such a position? To ask the question is to answer it, of course  they wouldn't. 

Power Corrupts

So we're looking at a slate of deeply flawed human beings, and although our mothers rightly told us long ago that we shouldn't poke fun at others, there's an exception to every rule  and, boy, is this field an embarrassment of comedic riches.

So, sorry Mom, but if someone seeks the Ring of Sauron, they shouldn't expect the hobbits to sheathe their rapier wits. Our Politicians' Tee pays our respects to two of the greatest political satirists  H.L. Mencken and Will Rogers.

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