10. Trump and Clinton — Arrogance on Parade

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been at each other's throats in recent weeks, a spectacle that's bound to intensify in coming months. In interviews and via social media, the candidates have thrown jabs at one another, often in the form of juvenile jokes and "cut-downs." But for those who see through the childish banter and frivolous media coverage, it's apparent that the differences between these two are minor and not fundamental. For instance, neither candidate will reduce the debt, end corporate cronyism, limit US interventionism around the world, promote genuine free markets, or reel in an increasingly violent and intrusive police/surveillance state.

Political speeches are meaningless and tell us nothing about what candidates will actually do once in office. In an election year, media coverage obsessively focuses on "he said, she said" nonsense, and reasoned discourse is devalued or altogether dismissed. But all joking aside, we'd all be better off if we evaluated politicians by their track records and refused to be swayed by cheap rhetoric.

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