49. The Evil of Two Lessers

Hey, have you heard? Donald Trump is literally Hitler — or, rather, he was until he lobbed a few bombs in Syria's direction, thereby earning laudatory praise from our MICC-financed political class.

He's also the least popular president in modern history. He's so unpopular, in fact, that major news outlets have been telling us all about it for months now. And you know what else? Trump is MENTALLY ILL. That's right. We know it's true, because a group of psychiatry experts who have never examined him say so.

Now, straight off the bat, no matter who it is, no matter how much you hate or love Donald "My-Skin-is-Orange-and-My-Hair-is-Yuuuge" Trump, you've gotta see through this transparent ploy.

There's a very well-respected rule held by American psychiatrists. It's called the "Goldwater Rule," and it refers to section 7.3 of the American Psychiatric Association's code of ethics. It says flatly that it is unethical to give a professional opinion about a public figure who has not been examined by the person offering the opinion.

It's called the Goldwater Rule because, in 1964, Fact magazine published an article polling psychiatrists about American senator Barry Goldwater. The goal, of course, was to declare Goldwater "unfit" to be president -- the same goal as the psychiatrists diagnosing President Cheeto's 'paranoia.' In fact, at the time, Goldwater sued the editor of Fact and won $579,000 in adjusted damages for libel.

OK, so back to Literally Hitler Guy and his popularity rating. Yes, it's certainly true that Trump is polling very low. He was polling low before this 'news,' and, in fact, he's always polled low. I'm not sure that's really newsworthy,  but he seems to have won the only poll that really matters to a new president -- the one with "electoral" tacked onto the front of it. And there's one small detail omitted by news coverage of the poll, and one that puts the presidency of this ham-fisted, crude-talking megolomaniac in perspective:

No matter how unpopular Trump is, he still polls higher than Hillary Clinton.

Yeah, that's a significant point. It explains why Americans chose Trump instead of Hillary, even after the media spent months telling us to embrace the bright, bold future to be administered by Hillary the Inevitable.

So what's my point? My point is that the media lie to you. They distort the truth. They push agendas. And even when they pretend to report objectively on stories, they wink and nudge while "objectively" reporting on things other people say... other people who are also lying to you.

Want to tell the world what you think of our lying media? Do it with one of our great shirts. Few will listen, but at least you'll look good doing it.

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