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Whiskey & Wry — Freedom Movement Tee Shirts

33. Blame Canada

A familiar election cry: “If X wins, I'm moving to Canada!” But, if X = Trump, then a migration becomes more likely. And Canadians are wriggling cold toes in anticipatory delight at a possible flood of greenbacks and celebs. The “Cape Breton if Donald Trump Wins” site was so inundated by American queries that immigration lawyers now offer free advice to ride an expected bonanza of business. Nova Scotia's official travel agency, Destination Cape Breton, is assisting the beleaguered website which was intended as a prank. The dating service Maple Match is now arranging for unwed Canadians to hook up...

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24. The Time Mencken Hoaxed Himself, Part II

Note: For Part I of this article, click here.  “Melancholy Reflections” appeared in the Chicago Tribune on May 23, 1926. It was not just a confession but also Mencken's cry for the public to use critical reasoning. The joke had soured. H.L. Mencken was receiving letters of corroboration from some readers and requests for more details from others. And, because Fillmore’s presidency was uneventful, some calendars now marked his birthday with the only interesting tidbit they had: Fillmore introduced the bathtub into the White House. In “Melancholy Reflections,” Mencken speculated on the probable response to his confession. Cincinnati, where the faux...

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3. Nixon - We hardly knew ya - Freedom Movement T Shirts

Here's one thing about election season that always leaves us scratching our befuddled heads — why do people trust any presidential or congressional candidate? Moreover, why do otherwise reasonable people take their support to the next level by morphing into wild-eyed, sign-waving groupies? Agreeing with a candidate's professed beliefs is one thing, but beating pots-and-pans for a politician is something else entirely. Therefore our Freedom Movement t shirts convey the importance of accountability, free thought, and being involved at the local, state, and Federal level. First of all, unless we're personal acquaintances with the candidate, we know very little about them. For instance, we have no idea...

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