35. A Strife of Interests

"Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles.
The conduct of public affairs for private advantage." 
Ambrose Bierce


Election 2016 — A watershed event or an illusion of choice?

Julian Assange — Truth tellerHillary Clinton, who played a human being on TV, skillfully sought to shape the entire world as one, massive Clinton Foundation scam. Her adversary, Donald Trump — a guy who managed to 'deep-throat' himself on sexual assault — grew rich by gaming contractors, creditors, students, laws, and donors. It may be heresy in wild-eyed, partisan circles, but the idea of either one assuming the reins of power should trouble any conscientious soul.

This election provided quite an object lesson in the corruption of the American political class and mainstream media. Much has been written on the subject but, frankly, we doubt the crookedness is more acute than at other times. We simply know more thanks to courageous whistle-blowers and truth-tellers, such as WikiLeaks.

The political world is corrupt at its core. It's simply the art by which powerful elites dictate to average people what they can peacefully do with their own bodies, property, and earnings. But perhaps this year's electoral circus will prove unique in one respect — in the future, it's unlikely politicians will be such blithering idiots as to document their crimes in leaky emails. 

In the end, voters were presented with a perverse choice — which face did they prefer to loathe for the next four years? A duplicitous shyster who sought to place the White House on the auction block, or a Dorian Gray of greed who wanted a false vanity mirror reflecting a 'Man of the People'?

Ambrose Bierce — Rational Anthem — freedom teesPerhaps you sat this one out and simply enjoyed the show. If so, the next time you hear the "National Anthem" exalting the Looter-in-Chief, sing along with the telling lyrics of Ambrose Bierce's “Rational Anthem”:

My country, 'tis of thee,
Sweet land of felony,
Of thee I sing ... 


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