26. Has Hillary met her Boss Tweed Moment?

Boss Tweed (1823–1878) and his NY political machine, Tammany Hall, epitomized corruption through which the Boss gorged on taxpayer money and graft. More than anything else, he feared being ridiculed because there was no defense against weaponized wit.

Thomas Nast cartoon of Boss Tweed — Wry Guys power corruptsThomas Nast – called the "Father of the American Cartoon” – made Tweed the brunt of relentless laughter through wildly popular caricatures of Tweed's bloated body amid sacks of cash. Bribery and threats could not deter Nash. Eventually, a weakened Tweed was indicted and fled to Spain; there, he was recognized from a Nast cartoon and extradited back to face jail.

The elite fear humor because, through it, they become public laughing stocks. Hillary Clinton has become a massive target of scathing cartoons and other mockery. Significantly, even concerns about her health are translated into satire, such as “Hillary’s Weekend in Pictures: Deplorable Edition.”

A current anti-Hillary video speaks of “Clinton fatigue” – an epidemic sweeping America. The afflicted have “been through a lot,” a faux doctor explains. “Email scandals. Questionable donations from foreign governments. Cronyism. Even pantsuits.” Again, significantly, the ad is being publicized without criticism by respected news sources such as The Hill.

Hillary's "Uh-oh" moment — funny political t shirtClintonian attempts to staunch the onslaught seem to be failing. For instance, a top donor acquired America's most popular humor site, The Onion, and non-stop but ineffective Trump bashing ensued.

Trump is also the deserving target of ridicule, but there is a difference. For example, Clintonians tried to create backlash against an anti-Hillary poster from the Trump campaign which featured Pepe the frog. Then they had to post a page of explanation on why the Pepe image was racist.

A joke that needs to be explained...isn't.

Hillary is losing the humor war, preferring naked insults instead. That's a mistake. Humor is the power play.


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