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The Wry Guys

Dystopian Dilemma - Men's Edition

Dystopian Dilemma - Men's Edition

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In the Corona Times, do you ever feel as though we're all living through a dystopian novel and that maybe, just maybe, something isn't quite right? Well, you're not alone, and this Tee will pique the curiosity of wry skeptics everywhere.

Artwork by Haris M. -

Tee Materials & Sizing

These comfortable, semi-fitted Tees feature a crew neck.

52% combed, ring-spun cotton and 48% poly.

Modern journalism mens unique t shirt designs

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Living through 1984, A Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm, and Idiocracy.

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Customer Reviews

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THIS—is the 2020 shirt I've been looking for.

And, OK... I have been a long time collector of the Wry Guys haberdashery (can they still be a haberdashery if my wife loves their stuff, too? Crap! I'm going to get called a misogynist again, dammit).
Not only are the designs always incisive and insightful (and funnier than hell), but the thoughtfully-chosen fabric and cut of my W.G.-customized tarps cinch the deal: they get my vote for favorite-uniform-of-the-apocalypse.
Are they still actually counting my vote?