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Whiskey & Wry — Freedom Movement Bumper Stickers

20. Bi-partisan Builders of the Surveillance State

If you applaud Edward Snowden's courage in revealing the vast, surveillance apparatus monitoring the activities of American citizens, this year's presidential election offers little hope for a restoration of constitutional safeguards against such "Orwell-ianism." Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the two major-party candidates for President, are avid surveillance hawks, and their expressed views on this weighty issue offer little hope for civil libertarians. Since June 2013, when Mr. Snowden first divulged the extent of domestic spying in the US, Mrs. Clinton has been a vocal critic of this conscientious whistle-blower. The Democratic nominee has maintained that Mr. Snowden should have...

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4. Who owns your candidate? - Freedom Movement Bumper Stickers

In our last post, we grouched that far too many political candidates are just well-trained poodles fabricated in marketing labs on Madison Avenue, and that there's no real accountability for the countless li ... er, "untruths" ... told on the campaign trail. The result, of course, is that the hapless voting public has a devil of a time figuring out which jackal might deserve a meaningless fling in the ballot booth. We don't recommend it — there are far better things to do with one's time like raising your kids or tweezering your nose hairs — but if you really want to learn something useful about an office seeker, tune out the constant stream...

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