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37. The Absurdity of 'Hate Crime' Laws

This week's Clickbait Shocker is tailor-made for the types of outrage-driven shares that fuel social media these days — to wit, a young man with "special needs" was abducted by feral youths in Chicago, and then tied up, brutalized, terrorized, and scalped. His captors — one of them in her early twenties, the others teenagers — shamelessly shared video of the whole sordid saga on Facebook Live. Predictably, this disturbing footage prompted the nation's Legal Experts — i.e., political partisans of every stripe, as well as those compulsive Tut-Tutters who lecture their long-suffering co-workers on "First-World injustices" while waving around the latest iPhone — to mount the cyber-barricades....

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30. Trump-eting the Real Danger of a Donald Presidency

Former Saturday Night Live player Janeane Garofalo captured the true tragedy of a possible Trump Presidency, “Yes, we can laugh at Donald Trump, but....you can’t….parody Donald Trump.” His self-congratulatory outlandishness erases the line between parody and reality. Another SNL alumnus, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, accepted her 2015 Emmy with the words, “What a great honor it must be for you to honor me tonight.” Then, she credited Trump for the quote, adding, “It’s getting trickier and trickier to satirize this stuff.” Political satire draws on three basic wellsprings. The first is to exaggerate and skew. But Trump is already exaggerated, from soaring towers to Barbie-doll...

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20. Bi-partisan Builders of the Surveillance State

If you applaud Edward Snowden's courage in revealing the vast, surveillance apparatus monitoring the activities of American citizens, this year's presidential election offers little hope for a restoration of constitutional safeguards against such "Orwell-ianism." Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the two major-party candidates for President, are avid surveillance hawks, and their expressed views on this weighty issue offer little hope for civil libertarians. Since June 2013, when Mr. Snowden first divulged the extent of domestic spying in the US, Mrs. Clinton has been a vocal critic of this conscientious whistle-blower. The Democratic nominee has maintained that Mr. Snowden should have...

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5. Please donate to Antiwar.com today. Here's why.

The hard-working truthtellers at Antiwar.com are in the midst of their quarterly fundraising drive, and you can pitch in by clicking here or snapping up one of our "Remember Peace?" Tees (Men's and Women's). The Wry Guys donate $5 from the sale of each of these Tees to Antiwar.com.  Why do we hold the folks at Antiwar.com in such high esteem? Let me tell you.  Founded in 1996, Antiwar.com set out to counter the burgeoning influence of the military-industrial-congressional complex (MICC) in Washington, DC. As Randolph Bourne pointed out long ago, "war is the health of the state," and this small band of determined libertarians recognized...

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