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37. The Absurdity of 'Hate Crime' Laws

This week's Clickbait Shocker is tailor-made for the types of outrage-driven shares that fuel social media these days — to wit, a young man with "special needs" was abducted by feral youths in Chicago, and then tied up, brutalized, terrorized, and scalped. His captors — one of them in her early twenties, the others teenagers — shamelessly shared video of the whole sordid saga on Facebook Live. Predictably, this disturbing footage prompted the nation's Legal Experts — i.e., political partisans of every stripe, as well as those compulsive Tut-Tutters who lecture their long-suffering co-workers on "First-World injustices" while waving around the latest iPhone — to mount the cyber-barricades....

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36. 2016 — Fat, drunk, and stupid?

When historians consider the events of the past year, they're certain — and we do mean certain — to anoint 2016 as the "Most 'Animal House' Year" of the new millennium. On its way in the door, 2016 hit the punch bowl hard, snorted dismissively at the relative sanity of 2015, and hollered, "To-ga! To-ga! To-ga!" Wrapped in a bedsheet with a lampshade on its head, 2016 started off with a bang when a naughty North Korea launched a banned missile over howls of protest from the neighbors upstairs. In June, the United Kingdom voted to leave the drunken party known...

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29. Speaking Laughter to Power

To the state, political humor is no laughing matter. Lenny Bruce rendered politics and social mores absurd through his piercing stand-up comedy routines. Of the left, he said, “The liberals can understand everything but people who don't understand them.” Of the right, he stated, “If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks.” In 1966, Bruce allegedly died of a drug overdose; he actually died of censorship, arrest, and obscenity trials.Laughter is under attack everywhere as 'hate speech,' including in supposed Western bastions of free speech: A Canadian comedian...

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23. The Time Mencken Hoaxed Himself, Part I

"Democracy is the theory that ... the common people knowwhat they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." – H.L. Mencken   The iconoclastic journalist H.L. Mencken was notoriously scornful of uneducated and uncultured people whom he called the “booboisie.” In 1917, the publishing world boycotted his articles on World War I because Mencken was of German descent, critical of the war and held pro-German views based on the nation's culture, not its politics. Forced into non-political writing, he decided to give it to the public “good and hard.” On December 28, 1917, “A Neglected Anniversary” appeared in...

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1. Electile Dysfunction 2016 - Libertarian T Shirts

Welcome, friend, to the Wry Guys' blog - Whiskey & Wry. We salute your discerning taste in reading material, and we toast your impeccable judgment. We promote free thought through Libertarian t shirts and bumper stickers. As fate would have it, we're launching this fledgling venture in 2016, a presidential-election year in the US. So our initial product collection is a bit heavy with political themes, a most distasteful subject. As anyone familiar with American culture knows, such elections are deeply cherished rituals in which we Yanks take leave of our senses and make fools of ourselves. When we awaken with the inevitable electoral hangover in 2017 — and we notice that our...

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