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36. 2016 — Fat, drunk, and stupid?

When historians consider the events of the past year, they're certain — and we do mean certain — to anoint 2016 as the "Most 'Animal House' Year" of the new millennium. On its way in the door, 2016 hit the punch bowl hard, snorted dismissively at the relative sanity of 2015, and hollered, "To-ga! To-ga! To-ga!" Wrapped in a bedsheet with a lampshade on its head, 2016 started off with a bang when a naughty North Korea launched a banned missile over howls of protest from the neighbors upstairs. In June, the United Kingdom voted to leave the drunken party known...

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20. Bi-partisan Builders of the Surveillance State

If you applaud Edward Snowden's courage in revealing the vast, surveillance apparatus monitoring the activities of American citizens, this year's presidential election offers little hope for a restoration of constitutional safeguards against such "Orwell-ianism." Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the two major-party candidates for President, are avid surveillance hawks, and their expressed views on this weighty issue offer little hope for civil libertarians. Since June 2013, when Mr. Snowden first divulged the extent of domestic spying in the US, Mrs. Clinton has been a vocal critic of this conscientious whistle-blower. The Democratic nominee has maintained that Mr. Snowden should have...

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1. Electile Dysfunction 2016 - Libertarian T Shirts

Welcome, friend, to the Wry Guys' blog - Whiskey & Wry. We salute your discerning taste in reading material, and we toast your impeccable judgment. We promote free thought through Libertarian t shirts and bumper stickers. As fate would have it, we're launching this fledgling venture in 2016, a presidential-election year in the US. So our initial product collection is a bit heavy with political themes, a most distasteful subject. As anyone familiar with American culture knows, such elections are deeply cherished rituals in which we Yanks take leave of our senses and make fools of ourselves. When we awaken with the inevitable electoral hangover in 2017 — and we notice that our...

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